Make chocolate yourself

Make your own fresh chocolate yourself in 20 minutes 

You can make up to 8 chocolates from the pretty gift set with just 3 ingredients. The set contains all the ingredients you need for your home chocolaterie. You can order it online with a chocolate mold or choose the mold separately. Making chocolate yourself is very easy: 
  • Melt cocoa butter
  • Put the dry ingredients (cocoa mix) in a bowl
  • Liquid ingredients (cocoa butter and agave syrup)  add
  • Mix for 1-2 minutes
  • Pour into the molds with a tablespoon
You can determine the amount of agave syrup and thus the sweetness of the chocolate yourself. E.g. Nut butter is added to the liquid chocolate mass, so it becomes creamy and mild. It's vegan, but then tastes almost like milk chocolate. A chocolate to your taste.
Experience CHOCQLATE and enjoy pure, vegan chocolate - with a clear conscience. CHOCQLATE uses unroasted cocoa beans that are gently dried below 42 degrees, which unfold an intense aroma in the homemade chocolate. Pure bean. Pure enjoyment.

Do you have any questions about making chocolate yourself?

How much chocolate can I make with one set?
It depends on the shape of the chocolate. With the 240g set you can e.g. Make 6-8 bars with the MAYA mold (depending on the topping, decoration).

Do I have to do everything at once, use up the whole set at once?
Don't worry, the ingredients can be kept for 3 months even when opened. So you don't have to make all of the chocolate at once.

Why can't I buy the other ingredients individually?
There are countless cocoa powders, agave juices and cocoa butter, and they all taste different. If you replace an ingredient, the overall taste of the chocolate changes. With the set you can be sure that it tastes good and works. The ingredients are precisely matched in terms of quantity.

Is it really that easy?

Yes it is really easy. A little patience and a look at the instructions are enough. Because there you will also find tips on avoidable mistakes. The most important thing is not to melt the cocoa butter too hot and not to let a drop of water get into the chocolate. Then it is only stirred briefly with a normal spoon, poured into a chocolate mold - ours or another one - put in the refrigerator and after 15 minutes the chocolate is ready.

Here you can find our chocolate sets with all the ingredients you need

More FAQs

Shelf life of the chocolate
The finished chocolate tastes best freshly prepared. Chocolate made fresh the day is a special treat. In Belgium the best chocolatiers offer “Chocolat du Jour” - there it is a delicacy!

We recommend eating them within a week. However, they can be stored in a cool place - ideally in the refrigerator - and well protected against moisture for several weeks after production.
What could go wrong

The production of our chocolate is very simple. For a perfect, smooth chocolate mass, however, there are three important things to consider:

  1. Not a drop of water should get into the chocolate.
  2. Chocolate shouldn't get too hot. The cocoa butter or the mixed chocolate mass should be taken out of the water bath or from the warmer as soon as the cocoa butter has melted or the chocolate mass is liquid. Then it is guaranteed not to be too hot. So don't leave it standing on the heat source.
  3. At the very end, add the cocoa butter to the other ingredients. Otherwise the chocolate will become lumpy and can no longer be processed optimally. But even if one of the points mentioned happens, the chocolate still tastes good, it just doesn't look so nice anymore.

That's how often you can use the chocolate molds
While you are making chocolate, you can use a mold several times: Fill the molds with chocolate, ideally put the mold in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes or in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes, very carefully press the chocolate out of the mold (It's very easy) and fill it up again with chocolate straight away - without washing off. After use, you can easily rinse the molds by hand in lukewarm water and let them dry. 
Please do not put the forms in the dishwasher! The heat deforms the material and the forms can no longer be used.
How many grams of chocolate you can get out of the molds
Depending on the chocolate shape, you can get a different number of chocolates out of a 240g set.
24 thalers (approx. 10g chocolate per thaler)
8 panels (approx. 30-40g chocolate per bar depending on the toppings and other ingredients)
6 squares (approx. 60g chocolate per square depending on the filling)
How can it be closest to milk chocolate in terms of taste?
With approx. 240g chocolate mass you add a higher proportion of agave syrup (e.g. 1-2 tablespoons more) and approx. 1 tablespoon of white almond butter and 1 tablespoon of coconut butter as an additional ingredient. You get a nougat flavor with 2 tbsp dark Hazelnut butter. It also tastes extremely fine Almond Tonka Cream from Rapunzel (also about 2-3 tbsp). Experiment as you like, but be careful not to add more than 2-3 tablespoons of creams or sauces per 240g of chocolate mass. Please do not add any water-based ingredients, because chocolate does not tolerate water!
When water has got into the couverture
Even the smallest amounts of water in the chocolate or cocoa butter ensure that the chocolate coagulates. The special taste in the chocolate is retained, but the chocolate no longer looks so nice.
This is the best way to transport and package your chocolate
With the purchase of our chocolate molds you get here in our online shop bespoke sachets and decorative labels for your tablets and coins. These are made of food-safe material and do not evaporate.

The bags have a removable adhesive strip, so that you can pack your chocolate almost airtight and transport it without any problems.
The recipient receives a chocolate that not only tastes like it has been made by a professional - it is also beautifully packaged with the optionally available labels.
Can anyone make chocolate with ChocQlate?

Yes! Thanks to our principle and our selected ingredients, everyone can make their own chocolate at home without having any experience of making chocolate themselves. You don't need any special equipment or kitchen gadgets either. A bowl, a spoon and a saucepan are sure to be found in your kitchen.
How quickly is CHOCQLATE chocolate prepared for you to make yourself?
It takes around 20 minutes to get your finished chocolate: 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cool in the freezer.

With a bit of routine it can be even faster. For fancy recipes (see our blog for Chocolate recipes) you can calculate another 20 minutes for the preparation of further ingredients. Of course, you can also take your time much longer. It should be fun and you can let your creativity run wild. E.g. self-candied fruits or nuts on or in the chocolate! Or how about roasted and lightly salted almonds?
Our chocolate molds are made of this material

Our ChocQlate chocolate molds were designed by us and manufactured in Germany. Here, too, we stand for the highest quality with our Q in ChocQlate. The molds are food-safe and, unlike silicone molds, do not evaporate. This way, your chocolate is guaranteed to be free of any secondary flavors. We also have extra for the molds and the resulting chocolates bespoke sachets and decorative labels can be produced. You can order these from us here.  
That's how long our ingredients can be kept
If stored in a cool and dry place, the ingredients can be kept for at least 6 months.
ChocQlate ingredients do not need to be refrigerated
The ingredients should be stored in a cool and dry place, but not necessarily in the refrigerator.

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