What makes CHOCQLATE chocolates so special

What makes CHOCQLATE chocolates so special

Fruity toppings

In the case of chocolates with "toppings", the fruity, sweet, freeze-dried strawberry, coconut and raspberry pieces as well as hazelnuts and hemp seeds are deliberately not mixed in the chocolate, but rather sprinkled on the chocolate. This opens up a special taste experience. The full aroma of the chocolate and the ingredient can thus be differentiated for the palate. 

Creamy and mild

Our Virgin Cacao chocolates taste particularly mild and creamy despite their high cocoa content and natural cocoa beans. Specifically, our chocolate is 18-20 my fine - finer than the standard known milk chocolate. This is created through the art of chocolate making and through our special "virgin" cocoa beans and the selected fine ingredients. This means that CHOCOLATE is also worth a try for those who want to get to grips with dark chocolate first!

Everything without additives

There are only 4 ingredients in our chocolates: cocoa butter, fine cocoa, natural Cocoa beans and coconut blossom sugar. We use for other ingredients unrefined dried fruits or nuts. We produce without admitting of gluten soy milk emulsifiers or lecithin. Nevertheless, we have to point out allergens: on tracks of nuts gluten soy and milk. We analyze our products. In the laboratory tests, no traces of gluten or lactose could be found in our products. However, since nuts, gluten, milk and soy are processed in production, the likelihood that these are tiny particles buzzing through the air in the form of traces of DNA cannot be ruled out. All Manufacturers are obliged To name the potential allergens, even if they - like us - produce without gluten and milk and even - like us - keep the machines clean.



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