CHOCQBAR Organic Cocoa Bar Pure

CHOCQBAR Organic Cocoa Bar Pure
CHOCQBAR Organic Cocoa Bar Pure
CHOCQBAR Organic Cocoa Bar Pure
CHOCQBAR Organic Cocoa Bar Pure
CHOCQBAR Organic Cocoa Bar Pure
CHOCQBAR Organic Cocoa Bar Pure
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CHOCQBAR organic cocoa bar pure with organic virgin cocoa

The CHOCQBAR Pur cocoa bar contains pure and whole cocoa beans. A real powerhouse of nature that provides a cocoa kick in everyday life and is a delicious alternative to other sweets. This cocoa bar consists of approx. 50% cocoa, of which approx. 21% of the net weight is unroasted, coarsely ground cocoa beans. In comparison, most cocoa bars in organic markets have a cocoa content between 7-12%.  

  • 50% cocoa content
  • proportionately 21% raw cocoa beans (raw food quality)
  • 35g bar
  • without refined sugar
  • without lactose, without lecithins
  • Foil inside made of cellulose / without plastic
  • The entire packaging is 100% recyclable
  • produced with 100% solar energy

Organic cocoa bars - ingredients:

Coconut blossom syrup *, unroasted cocoa beans * (21%), cocoa * (17%), cocoa butter * (12%), Almond butter*, Dates *

* from organic farming 

DE-ÖKO-005 EU/Nicht EU-Landwirtschaft EU Bio Siegel

DE-ÖKO-005 EU / Non-EU agriculture

All of our products may contain traces of nuts, soy, milk and gluten due to the production process.


The ingredients of our CHOCQBAR power bar actively contribute to mental and physical performance. The purely plant-based nutrients can be optimally absorbed, processed and used by the body in a natural compound.

Made for everyday life and sport

This is particularly important, as a healthy and balanced diet often falls by the wayside in everyday life due to lack of time and deadline pressure. In endurance sports, a bar satisfies hunger and provides energy for a longer period of time - due to the high cocoa content and fiber, as well as the low glycemic coconut blossom sweetness. Because CHOCQBAR consists of 50% power food cocoa and provides valuable energy from 21% unroasted cocoa.

Fine taste

Coconut blossom sweetness as a natural sweetener with a low glycemic index, fine almond or hazelnut butter, whole unrefined dates and our natural unroasted cocoa beans paired with fine cocoa, ensure a creamy and chocolaty taste, slightly crunchy thanks to the coarsely ground unroasted cocoa beans.

All CHOCQLATE chocolates are:

CHOCQLATE Schokolade ist Bio
CHOCQLATE Schokolade ist vegan
CHOCQLATE Schokolade ist mit Rohkakao
CHOCQLATE Schokolade ist mit Kokosblütenzucker
CHOCQLATE Schokolade ist umweltfreundlich
CHOCQLATE Schokolade ist fair gehandelt

100% organic
from sustainable cultivation

All CHOCQLATE and OHYA products are made from ecologically and sustainably grown raw materials and have been awarded the European organic seal

as purely vegetable

CHOCQLATE and OHYA chocolates are purely plant-based as they contain no milk, lactose or concentrated butter. They are therefore suitable for vegans, lactose intolerants and the sensitive

with raw vegetables virgin cocoa

CHOCQLATE chocolate contains up to 20% cocoa in raw food quality, which means that the secondary plant substances, vitamins and antioxidants are retained in the chocolate

Without refined sugar

High-quality sweetness from the coconut blossom causes the blood sugar level to rise only slowly and contains numerous minerals and nutrients

Green electricity & without plastic

CHOCQLATE and OHYA completely do without plastic and instead rely on cellulose and cardboard. All chocolates are made with 100% solar power

fair pay + projects

CHOCQLATE and OHYA chocolate rely exclusively on directly traded cocoa and coconut blossom sugar. This also supports social and ecological projects


What makes CHOCQLATE chocolates so special

Fruity toppings

In the case of chocolates with "toppings", the fruity, sweet, freeze-dried strawberry, coconut and raspberry pieces as well as hazelnuts and hemp seeds are deliberately not mixed in the chocolate, but rather sprinkled on the chocolate. This opens up a special taste experience. The full aroma of the chocolate and the ingredient can thus be differentiated for the palate. 

Creamy and mild

Our Virgin Cacao chocolates taste particularly mild and creamy despite their high cocoa content and natural cocoa beans. Specifically, our chocolate is 18-20 my fine - finer than the standard known milk chocolate. This is created through the art of chocolate making and through our special "virgin" cocoa beans and the selected fine ingredients. This means that CHOCOLATE is also worth a try for those who want to get to grips with dark chocolate first!

Everything without additives

There are only 4 ingredients in our chocolates: cocoa butter, fine cocoa, natural Cocoa beans and coconut blossom sugar. We use for other ingredients unrefined dried fruits or nuts. We produce without admitting of gluten soy milk emulsifiers or lecithin. Nevertheless, we have to point out allergens: on tracks of nuts gluten soy and milk. We analyze our products. In the laboratory tests, no traces of gluten or lactose could be found in our products. However, since nuts, gluten, milk and soy are processed in production, the likelihood that these are tiny particles buzzing through the air in the form of traces of DNA cannot be ruled out. All Manufacturers are obliged To name the potential allergens, even if they - like us - produce without gluten and milk and even - like us - keep the machines clean.



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