What is special about CHOCQLATE?

A - as far as we know, worldwide unique - composition in organic chocolates: Unroasted "Virgin Cacao" beans together with fine cocoa. Only 4 ingredients, that's all. Without any additives. The chocolate melt is delicately creamy, aromatic and at the same time very mild.

100% organic & vegan

Organic cultivation & WITHOUT milk

The "Virgin Cacao" in the organic chocolates come from Mixed jungle cultures With Permaculture. All the ingredients are purely vegetable, without lactose, exclusively with high-quality vegetable Cocoa butter!


"Virgin Cacao" & coconut blossom sugar

Organic chocolates with completely natural cocoa (virgin: cocoa beans Harvested from the tree, fresh with the skin in Raw food quality dried below 45 degrees) and without refined sugar!


Fair & WITHOUT plastic

Own solar power for the production of organic chocolates and Packaging without plastic. 
Direct trade, fair purchase and eco projects. We take all of this for granted!

Our offer at a glance

"Virgin Cacao" chocolates

Natural cocoa beans in raw food quality bean-to-bar in fine cocoa paired with the finest cocoa butter and unrefined coconut blossom sweetness. The result: Aromatically mild and creamy chocolate enjoyment

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Make chocolate yourself

Finest ingredients for "Virgin Cacao" chocolate make yourself in a pretty box. Become a home chocolatier and make fresh chocolate in just 20 minutes!

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"Virgin Cacao" bars

Crunchy ground cocoa beans, creamy nut butters, whole dates and coconut blossom sweetness. A truly tasty power pack from nature for work and sport

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"Virgin Cacao" snack

unroasted and completely natural cocoa beans in raw food quality. Enjoy the power of the pure "Virgin Cacao"

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