Vegan chocolate or dark chocolate - the same?

There are two categories: dark chocolate and milk chocolate. It's a matter of taste. Dark chocolate is more of a part of a healthy diet and milk chocolate is considered a sweet. Dark, high-percentage dark chocolate is rated as healthy and of high quality. Chocolates 60% or more do not contain milk. That answers the frequently asked question: 

Why does vegan chocolate get by without milk?

Dark chocolate or dark chocolate consists of cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar. For example, a chocolate with 73% cocoa content, like ours CHOCQLATE PUR, lthis is the case recipe 27% sugar (with us it is an unrefined coconut blossom sugar) and 73% cocoa content. A dark chocolate or dark chocolate per se only consists of purely plant-based contents. The amount of milk powder in a whole milk chocolate is the least valuable ingredient in purchasing. Cocoa mass costs the Vmultiple. Put simply, the production of chocolate is similar to baking a cake: We need a liquid ingredient that binds the dry ingredients. When it comes to cake, it's eggs, butter  here instead the cocoa butter. It is melted during processing, binds the dry sugar and cocoa and hardens when cooled accordingly. Whether or not milk powder is included in the dry portions is irrelevant. It only plays a decisive role in terms of taste.

By the way: Many people perceive dark chocolate to be bitter. And here the question arises: Why is dark chocolate bitter? It doesn't have to be! We have written a separate article for you on the sensory properties and variety of flavors, especially of organic chocolates, vegan chocolates and dark chocolates. 

When is vegan chocolate vegan?

As described above, dark chocolates with their original chocolate recipe are actually always vegan, as they contain no milk and therefore no animal ingredients. However, dark chocolate is not always 100% lactose-free. In our case it will be vegan chocolate CHOCQLATE and OHYA in Machines produced - conche and ball mill - in which no milk powder is processed. We thus guarantee that no animal residues and no Lactose residues can be contained in chocolate because the machines are 100% puren will. Therefore we can do the vegan products from our range advertise as 100% vegan. In an article in our chocolate magazine about the Manufacture of chocolate we describe: How is vegan organic chocolate made?

Why does the packaging say: may contain traces of ...?

Due to strict legal requirements, all manufacturers are obliged to include the allergen label "May contain traces of milk and ..." on the packaging of vegan chocolates. included ”. Yes, even though our machines have never processed anything other than vegan chocolate! These are microfine particles that fly through the air in a production facility and can only be detected with DNA detection. This happens when something is produced with milk on other machines in the production rooms. Nevertheless, you can be sure: Our vegan chocolate is free of all additives (we also do not add emulsifiers such as soy lecithin or flavors such as vanilla to our chocolates!) And therefore it can be advertised as vegan.
By the way: Vegan chocolate can also be similar to milk chocolate - then it is e.g. Enriched with rice powder, coconut cream or tiger nut powder instead of milk powder.

With our chocolate, "vegan" is a matter of course, because the content of a high-quality dark chocolate consists of purely vegetable ingredients and we have "vegan machines" - machines that are completely free of animal ingredients. The special thing about the CHOCQLATE chocolates ist the content: A high cocoa content, iee natural cocoa bean "Virgin Cacao", gepaired with the finest cocoa butter and coconut blossom sweetness. do you recognize vegan chocolate? 

Manufacturers who do not use any animal content can either design their own label and thus convey their promise to the consumer, or they can acquire licenses from well-known vegan institutions. The is known. In return for a license fee, the V-Label checks the content of the products for purely herbal ingredients every year Content. We have for OHYA, CHOCQLATE and CHOCQBAR one own label, because dark chocolate or dark chocolate is, as described in detail above, vegan in terms of its basic recipe and therefore the vegan consumption of dark chocolate is a matter of course. Therefore, we do not use a well-known label for marketing purposes. In addition, our production is IFS certified. IFS means "International Featured Standard Food". Here we have to  to pass these control audits and thus "tests"  Document every process and every filling of the machines for every production exactly and prove mathematically that we have only used vegan ingredients.  

Does vegan chocolate taste like classic dark chocolate?

As with organic products 20 years ago, we remember the first taste sensations, which were then impressed for a long time as "grain feed" image - more healthy than tasty. As part of the healthy trend, vegan organic chocolates came onto the market from 2012. they had  how often at all beginnings  not yet the usual quality. Today, many of the large manufacturers are already producing vegan chocolates or can label their chocolates that way because they have set up milk-free production lines especially for this. But  as mentioned above  In terms of content, vegan chocolate types are equal to dark chocolate! The vegan labeling does not detract from the taste. A vegan dark chocolate or dark chocolate depends on the quality of the cocoa due to its high cocoa contentnig. "Vegan" taste as such does not exist in the dark chocolate category! High quality cocoa beans and the finest cocoa butter and  as in CHOCQLATE unique  with partly completely natural cocoa beans "Virgin Cacao" are crucial for the sensor technology. There is also an essential factor: the art of making chocolate. This together gives the taste profile or, more simply: That makes the difference, whether a vegan chocolate elicits a spontaneous "delicious", "good", "hmm" or "OHYA" from us. At this point we want to answer a question that is asked again and again:

Vegan organic fair  what is the difference in chocolates?

In terms of content, vegan foods basically have nothing to do with organic or fair trade. Vegan can be organic and fair trade, but it doesn't have to be! Veganism is an attitude as well as a way of life and nutrition that emerged from vegetarianism, which above all avoids all food of animal origin or the use of animals and animal products altogether. Ethically motivated vegans usually also make sure that clothing and other everyday items are free from animal products and animal experiments. In short, organic or fair trade chocolate is an additional quality, but not the main motivation. Very often vegan products are checked out organic farming. So too our delicious organic chocolates, cocoa bars and cocoa beans.

"Vegan, dairy and lactose-free, organic, fair"  Many terms promise compliance with quality standards on the part of the manufacturer in the form of colorful logos on the packaging. We keep this promise! If we didn't, we would run high legal risks. In addition, we small manufacturers do this mainly because we represent the value of good vegan nutrition  or otherwise ecologically sustainable products with healthy standards  want to bring into the world. Without these idealistic goals it would be too laborious to produce and sell products in this very challenging market.

Why is dark chocolate healthy in combination with organic quality?

For us, organic is a very important criterion for the consumption of dark chocolates: In the context of chocolate, organic has an influence on the nutrient content of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content and makes a concrete contribution to the topic of "healthy enjoyment". This also has an impact on sustainability in the growing areas: 
Due to the chemical fertilizers commonly used around the world, the soils in the countries of origin are leached out and salty. The cocoa trees can no longer draw the nutrients into the fruit in the necessary intensity because they are hardly contained in the soil! Cocoa is one of the most nutritious edible plants in the world, provided the soil on which it grows is enriched with mineral and primary and secondary plant compounds. Today, organic plantations allow cocoa to grow again in natural mixed cultures (instead of duo cultures) and are increasingly practicing permaculture in order to prevent the erosion of the fertile rainforest soils. We describe this in more detail in the chocolate magazine with the article: l Fair organic chocolate - background and context. With CHOCQLATE we have specialized in organic chocolate with sustainable, high quality and nutritious cocoa. 

Why don't we offer white chocolate?

Our CHOCQLATE and OHYA dark chocolate is less sweet and more dark. In contrast to, white chocolate does not contain cocoa, so it is also white and not brown! It consists exclusively of cocoa butter  the fat content in the cocoa bean – Milk powder, vanilla flavors and sugar. White, sweet chocolate tastes very good to us, but we have decided to celebrate cocoa in its purest and noblest form in chocolate. Many connoisseurs of good chocolate say: “White chocolate is not chocolate in this way”. We concentrate on the dark and therefore aromatic, nutrient-rich cocoa content. 

In accordance with this philosophy, we will not produce white chocolate in the future either. With our special conching process and our powerful ball mill, we succeed in creating a particularly mild dark chocolate with almost fruity flavors. It's almost a small miracle  it is neither bitter nor sour and also not dry. she is  and that's what our customers tell us again and again  creamy, melt-in-the-mouth and simply fine.

our philosophy

We represent clear content and values and represent that with the "Q " in our brand name "CHOCQLATE "at the center of our thoughts and actions:

Vegan organic chocolate without refined sugar with tasty and good ingredients. We buy these from sustainable suppliers and plantations at fair prices. We purchase the "Virgin Cacao" beans directly from the plantation via Perú Puro and pay approx. 50% higher prices when purchasing, so it is usual in organic fair cocoa world market trade. You can read more about how we deal with fair and direct trade in our article. Enjoying fine, pure delicacies with a clear conscience, that's what we enjoy.

Have a look around: Here you can buy the finest vegan chocolate online

You also find sbeautiful vegan gifts from fair purchasing.

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