Sugar in Chocolate - Alternative Coconut Blossom Sugar?

Cocoa as the "fruit of the gods" has been a myth since Mayan times. Thousands of years ago, cocoa was described as a plant that gives strength and gives us wings. In modern times it is called a superfood - accordingly, dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, if it weren't for the sugar!

How much sugar is in chocolate?

While most conventional whole milk chocolates are predominant sugar as well as contain fat and thus promote diabetes and obesity, contain dark varieties 70 percent cocoa content especially many catechins. They protect against stress hormones and can fight off bacteria and thus prevent inflammation in the body. A study by the University of Copenhagen has also shown that dark chocolate makes you fuller than milk chocolate.

 VWhole milk chocolates contain only about 25 percent of the good dark cocoa content with its minerals and Flavonoids. The sugarshare is around 60 percent of the total weight! A typical recipe for milk chocolate amounts to 56 g for a 100g bar sugar, which corresponds to 22.5 sugarroll the dice! 60 g sugar, dhat is more than the daily dose of 50 grams recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) for an adult and, according to the WHO, children may only consume a maximum of 25 g per day.

And that's the calculation: with a dark chocolate it is sugarportion x = 100% - cocoa percentage. The basic vegan recipe for our chocolate has one of these sugarshare of 27% = 100% - 73% cocoa content. Our Virgin Cacao CHOCQLATE chocolates thus contain 20g, depending on the recipe and other ingredients Sweetness (coconut sugar).

Basically, if it contains more cocoa, the sweetener in the chocolate is reduced. If you want to nibble health-consciously, you should buy dark chocolate with the highest possible cocoa content. It is also where most of the flavonoids are found. 

What is organic coconut blossom sugar?

Coconut blossom sugar is a unrefined natural product - the organic coconut blossom sweetness from CHOCQLATE originates from Indonesia. In order to get to this mother sap of the plant, harvest professionals climb the up to 25 m high coconut palms. The tied coconut blossoms of the coconut palm are cut and the juice of the blossoms is collected in a vessel, then boiled down until the molasses thickens and crystallizes. The finished coconut blossom sugar is sifted at the end to collect residues and obtain a fine-grained consistency. The coconut palms and flowers are not doing this destroyedso the forests are preserved. The five minute video on the channel of Dr. Goerg briefly shows the interesting manufacturing process of coconut blossom sugar.

Is Coconut blossom sugar healthy or is it one of the healthy sugar alternatives?

They say organic Coconut blossom sugar after that minerals and vitamins are largely preserved through the unrefined process. However, this is not indicated in the nutritional values on most packs of this sugar alternative. We can only make precise statements at this point if it is written on the packaging and the respective nutrient content per 100g coconut blossom sugar covers at least 15% of the daily requirement for an adult.

The naturalness of the unrefined coconut blossom sugar, which does not cause overexploitation during production, as the palm trees are completely preserved during extraction and its low glycemic index (~35), according to popular opinion, is the main advantage. With coconut blossom sugar, the blood sugar level in the body rises only slowly and there is no rapid blood sugar level drop as with white sugar. So you don't get caught in the well-known “sugar trap” that triggers sudden cravings for sweets. Our opinion and the statement of According to (the article from which we took these arguments), as well as according to other common statements, we consider coconut blossom sugar healthier than table sugar, since it does not trigger blood sugar, less Triggers addictive behavior and keeps you full longer.

However, coconut blossom sweetness is not a substitute for sugar. It has a low glycemic index and is unrefined. Therefore We recommend classifying all sugar alternatives as a pleasure and less as a food in the diet, including dark chocolate that is sweetened with coconut blossom sugar. When buying Coconut blossom sugar please always pay attention to organic and fair quality. With cheap products there is often the risk that the Coconut blossom sugar was stretched with other sugars.

How does coconut blossom sugar taste?  

His taste - with its multitude of kAramel, malty, sometimes light nut and vanilla flavors with a nuance of salt has a positive effect on the overall sensors of Dark chocolate. Assuming the taste was dated Manufacturer carefully checked, because not every coconut blossom sugar is suitable.

For a long time we have been looking for the right organic coconut blossom sugar that goes perfectly with our virgin cocoa and fine cocoa. Since we already had coconut blossom syrup in the recipe of our cocoa bars in 2014 and in our chocolate recipe from 2016 have integrated, we were pioneers here in terms of time. Today there are many alternatives in taste and quality Coconut blossom sugar, mostly depending on the degree of heating. Stronger roasted aromas taste malty and bitter. The sweetness seems less. Less heated molasses is still more aromatic in taste than raw cane sugar, but much more similar to it. We have found our perfect "sugar substitute" or alternative. It creates a sensory harmony in the CHOCQLATE and OYHA chocolates. Take this opportunity to take a look around our online shop.

Can you use coconut blossom sugar like regular sugar?

Yes, this natural sweetener can be used 1: 1 like normal table sugar and is therefore an easy-to-use alternative that is included in many Recipes works well. In contrast to refined household sugar and also compared to raw cane sugar, it is more flavorful. Rather malty and caramel in the aroma and darker in color. Many people like to taste this sweetness. It is now recognized by consumers as one of the healthy alternatives and is available in every organic shop and also in conventional grocery stores.

Fair trade of alternative sweeteners

Coconut blossom sugar is mainly produced by small farmers and family businesses. Due to the growing market in Europe, many families can join
enable a better life.

When purchasing coconut blossom sugar as part of the recipe for our dark chocolate, we pay attention to sustainability. We have been supporting this since 2017 - from the start of the cooperation between the Swiss importer Pronatec and the farmer's project on Java, Indonesia with fair trade through purchasing and paying higher fair prices. Our contribution als small manufacture: through the  ingredient Coconut blossom sugar in every bar of chocolate we take over 10 tons per year. In this cooperative, coconut blossom sugar can be traced down to the tree on which it grew. The Coconut sugar Plantations are privately owned and are regularly visited by Pronatec employees to check the cultivation methods.

Have a look at this farming project:,

Does coconut blossom sugar make you fat? 

Coconut blossom sugar is classified as sugar. Becomes special in this context the low glycemic index cited. 

Table sugar has a GI (glycemic index) of 65 and, in comparison, coconut blossom sugar has a GI of 35. So he walks due to the less rapidly rising blood sugar level and the resulting lower release of insulin is converted into fat in a different way and generates fewer food cravings. At this point we do not dare to explain this complicated nutritional process and ask you to research it yourself if you are interested. As chocolatiers, we want to make a perhaps more interesting aspect known at this point: Catechins in cocoa mass or in Dark chocolate boost the metabolism.

Numerous studies show that lovers of dark chocolate, despite consuming it daily, often weighed 2-3 kilos less than non-chocolate eaters. It can be assumed that the test subjects regularly consumed rather little dark chocolate, i.e. not in bars.

The scientists explain the positive effects by the fact that the catechins in cocoa, and thus dark chocolate, stimulate the metabolism more strongly. The antioxidants found in dark chocolates can also do this Regulate blood sugar. That leaves more Food cravings off and the risk of diabetes is lower. That works best when one Dark chocolate contains little sugar or alternative sugar, because refined sugar, conversely, stimulates both effects and is, among other things, due to this fact it was called less healthy.

How digestible is dark chocolate?

One high cocoa content in dark chocolate, especially with unroasted cocoa beans - which have a dark purple color inside (and are not brown!) - often provides the body with more antioxidants than some vegetables or fruits. Consumption of Dark chocolate should therefore have an equally positive effect on our body. This is among other things to those contained in cocoa Catechins, which belong to the flavonoids. They are also known in connection with green tea, which is also particularly good for the Gesandness is.

Hence be cocoabeans often referred to as super fruit or superfood. . These plant substances - Flavanoids and Polyphenols - which are also found in vegetables and fruits, especially those with a dark red / purple color (antocygenes) - can free radicals "capture"and neutralize it accordingly. Here is the source we are referring to in these statements:

Dark chocolate has another wonderful effect on our lives! The more flavanoids in dark chocolate, the less Stress hormones are distributed. The flavonoids block the release of hormones by blocking the adrenal glands. Because Stress hormones signal the body to build fat reserves to protect itself from stress. The body also reacts more calmly without the hormone release when we are in a stressful situation. So could be dark Soothe chocolate.

Chocolate can even affect memory. In a test at Columbia University in New York it was shown that the daily consumption of 900 milligrams of flavonoids (amount in about half a bar of dark chocolate) leads to a significant increase in memory after three months. The 60-year-old test persons achieved results in the test like 30-40 year old people. According to the studies, chocolate increases blood flow to the brain. this leads to higher concentration and alertness. 

chocolate enjoy with a clear conscience. In our shop you will find 14 different dark chocolates. The CHOCQLATE chocolates contain "Virgin Cacao" unroasted and thus do not heat cocoa. With this process of production in raw food quality, the fine secondary plant substances should be preserved as well as possible.

In this magazine article, we have based ourselves on the following articles and descriptions and used them as a source. We recommend reading these articles:



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