For making chocolate

Shelf life of the chocolate

The finished chocolate tastes best freshly prepared. Chocolate made fresh from the day is a pleasure. In Belgium the best chocolatiers offer “Chocolat du Jour” - a delicacy there!
We recommend eating them within a week. However, they can be stored in a cool place, preferably in the refrigerator, for several weeks after they have been made.

What could go wrong

The production of our chocolate is very simple. For a perfect, smooth chocolate mass, however, there are three important things to consider:

  1. Not a drop of water should get into the chocolate.
  2. Chocolate shouldn't get too hot. The cocoa butter or the mixed chocolate mass should be removed from the water bath (from the warmer) as soon as the cocoa butter has melted or the chocolate mass is liquid.
  3. Finally add the cocoa butter to the other ingredients. Otherwise the chocolate will curdle, i.e. it becomes lumpy and can no longer be processed optimally. But even if one of the points mentioned happens, the chocolate still tastes good, it just doesn't look so nice anymore.

That's how often you can use the chocolate molds

While you are making chocolate, you can use a mold several times: Fill the molds with chocolate, ideally place the mold in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes, push the chocolate out of the mold and fill it again directly - without washing off with chocolate until there is no chocolate mass left.
After use, you can easily rinse the molds by hand in lukewarm water and let them dry. Please do not put the forms in the dishwasher.

The heat deforms the material and the forms can no longer be used.


How many grams of chocolate you can get out of the molds

With the chocolate mold No. 1 you can make 6 talers of 10g each.
With chocolate mold no.2 you can make 6 deep squares (for filled chocolate) each weighing 60 g.
With the chocolate mold no.3 you can make three bars of 60 g each.
With the chocolate mold no.4 you can make three bars of 40 g each.


Why there is no milk chocolate at ChocQlate

ChocQlate is a vegan, lactose-free chocolate made from 5 pure basic ingredients.

The unroasted cocoa bean, one of the most nutritious foods in the world, ensures the intense chocolate taste - full to the brim with minerals, secondary plant substances and antioxidants.
The latter in particular are very sensitive to dairy products and lose a large part of their effectiveness. We therefore recommend that you enjoy this power food vegan.
Nevertheless, you can also use ChocQlate to create a chocolate with a taste that comes very close to milk chocolate.
With approx. 200g chocolate mass you add a higher proportion of agave syrup and approx. 1 tablespoon of white almond butter and 1 tablespoon of coconut as an additional ingredient. In this way, all health-relevant substances are retained in the chocolate.


If you got water in the couverture

Even the smallest amounts of water in the chocolate or cocoa butter ensured that the chocolate curdled. The special taste in the chocolate is retained, but the chocolate no longer looks so nice.

This is the best way to transport and pack your chocolate

With the purchase of our chocolate molds you receive tailor-made sachets and decorative labels for your bars and coins. These are made of food-safe material and do not evaporate.
The bags have a removable adhesive strip so that you can pack your chocolate almost airtight and transport it without any problems.
The recipient receives a chocolate that not only tastes like it was made by a professional - it is also beautifully packaged with the optionally available labels.

Can anyone make chocolate with ChocQlate?

Yes! Thanks to our principle and our selected ingredients, everyone can make their own chocolate at home. And even without having any experience in making chocolate.
You also don't need any special equipment or kitchen utensils for tempering or conching. A bowl, a spoon and a saucepan are sure to be found in your kitchen.

That's how quickly ChocQlate chocolate can be prepared

It takes around 20 minutes to get your finished chocolate: 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cool in the freezer.
With a bit of routine it can be even faster. For fancy recipes (see our blog for Chocolate recipes) you can calculate another 10 minutes for the preparation of further ingredients.


To the ChocQlate chocolate set

One chocolate set is enough for so many people

Calculate about 200g of chocolate per person. This means that with a 1000g ChocQlate set you can make your own chocolate with 5 to 6 people at home. So you can snack and taste enough for an evening and still take a delicious selection of different chocolates with you.

If you choose our ChocQlate chocolate molds, here is an overview with gram information:

With the chocolate mold No. 1 you can make 6 talers of 10g each.
With chocolate mold no.2 you can make 6 deep squares (for filled chocolate) each weighing 60 g.
With the chocolate mold no.3 you can make three bars of 60 g each.
With the number 4 chocolate mold you can make three 40 g bars.
You can of course fill the molds with chocolate again and again as soon as the mixture has cooled down in the refrigerator. You don't need to wash off the shapes in between


Our chocolate molds are made of this material

Our ChocQlate chocolate molds were designed by us and manufactured in Germany. Here, too, we stand for the highest quality with our Q in ChocQlate.
The molds are food-safe and, unlike silicone molds, do not evaporate. This way, your chocolate is guaranteed to be free of any secondary flavors.
You can reorder board packaging
Yes. In our Shop you can reorder the packaging material separately. With the chocolate molds No. 1 - 4, you will receive enough bags and labels in bright colors.

To the ChocQlate ingredients

That's how long our ingredients can be kept

If stored in a cool and dry place, the ingredients will keep for up to four months.

ChocQlate ingredients do not need to be refrigerated

No, the ingredients should be stored in a cool and dry place, but not necessarily in the refrigerator.

That's what we mean by direct trade

We are in personal contact with suppliers and sources of supply for our products. They are companies that, like us, are committed to a code of values that focus on sustainable business practices, environmental protection and natural, chemical-free growth.
We obtain most of our cocoa beans directly from known plantations in "direct trade". This is the name of a direct business relationship with local partners in order to guarantee attractive prices and fair trade.
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