About our products

Our products are probably some of the most natural chocolate and cocoa products in the world.



CHOCQLATE’s Virgin Cacao products contain completely natural cocoa - the beans are harvested fresh from the tree and simply dried like a dried fruit - integrated into the products as a whole. Our cocoa beans are neither fermented nor peeled and they are not roasted (dried below 45 degrees). We integrate them proportionally (between 15% and 20% of the net weight) either finely ground in chocolate or coarsely ground in the bars.



Nevertheless, our chocolates are particularly melt-in-the-mouth, creamy and mild, due to a lot of experience in conching, the finest cocoa butter and the latest technology (ball mill).



Highest quality


The same applies to our CHOCQLATE and OHYA products: The fine cocoa from Ecuador is "natural" and not alkalized. The melt-in-the-mouth cocoa butter is the most valuable ingredient, we didn't skimp on it - in addition to the long and gentle manufacturing process, one of the reasons why our products are so mild and melt-in-the-mouth.



The unrefined coconut blossom sweetness is one of the highest quality sweeteners. It has a low glycemic index that makes blood sugar levels rise slowly. This leads to little or no insulin release - and insulin is what moves the body to create fat pads in order to store the excess insulin there.



 Global responsibility



We pay fair prices for all organic ingredients. Most of the raw materials come from suppliers we know personally who purchase cocoa, cocoa butter and coconut blossom sugar for the most part from their own farmers' cooperatives. You pay the farmers a higher price than usual on the market.



Our cocoa comes from farmers' cooperatives in Ecuador, one of the countries of origin of the famous fine cocoa in South America. The unrefined coconut blossom sugar comes from Asia and is also produced fairly. Interesting to know: So far, the coconut blossom has traditionally been processed into alcohol, including ARAK; the increasing demand for coconut blossom sugar partially replaces the production of alcohol.



This chocolate is produced with solar energy. There is a photovoltaic system for self-supply on the roof of our production facility in Germany. This energy generation is supported by a block-type thermal power station. The electricity generated here also flows into production, the resulting heat is used to melt chocolate masses. The efficient use of energy is important to us!



Environmentally friendly


Our sustainable approach also continues in the packaging of our chocolates. The paper and cardboard are 100% recyclable. By the way: The foils around the chocolate and bars are made of wood! Not made of plastic! Try it for yourself: if you light it, it burns like paper or throws it into the damp earth and it should have completely decomposed after 6 weeks, i.e. 100% compostable (caution: never carry out the test in closed rooms or in a highly flammable environment) .



Enjoy our chocolate with confidence! ... it is absolutely honest and extra tasty 



We stand behind it!

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