CHOCQLATE organic chocolate with virgin cocoa 5x mix 5

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CHOCQLATE organic chocolate with unique organic virgin cocoa 5x mix 5

The chocolates contain between 73% and 63% cocoa, depending on the weight of the toppings.

In the case of chocolates with "toppings", these are not mixed in the chocolate, but rather sprinkled on the chocolate. This is not just a feast for the eyes, it also opens up a special taste experience. The full aroma of the chocolate and the ingredient can thus be differentiated for the palate.

Our Virgin Cacao chocolates are tasty despite their high cocoa content  particularly mild and creamy. Specifically, our chocolate is 20 my fine - finer than the standard known milk chocolates.

The mildness is created through the art of chocolate making and through our special "virgin" cocoa beans and the selected fine ingredients. I.e. CHOCOLATE is also worth a try for those who want to get to grips with dark chocolate first!

  • 5x chocolates:

1x pure, 75g
1x orange, 75g
1x strawberry, 75g
1x coffee, 75g
1x raspberry, 75g

    * from organic farming 

    DE-ÖKO-005 EU/Nicht EU-Landwirtschaft EU Bio Siegel

    DE-ÖKO-005 EU / Non-EU agriculture

    All of our products may contain traces of nuts, soy, milk and gluten due to the production process.


    The heart of CHOCQLATE is the natural cocoa bean. “Virgin Cacao” is what we call cocoa beans that are freshly harvested from the tree, without fermentation Bowl be dried in raw food quality below 45 degrees.

    The four pure ingredients of our chocolate are cocoa butter, fine cocoa powder, unroasted cocoa beans and coconut blossom sugar. This means that our “pure” chocolate is free from refined sugar, lactose, lecithins or emulsifiers.

    Greatest care and best quality

    Our IFS (International Food Standard) and organic certified production uses the latest technology paired with handcraft. We purchase the ingredients from carefully selected suppliers and pay prices based on fair or direct trade.

    We trade our “virgin cocoa beans” directly with smallholders or farmers' cooperatives, and with this approach we contribute to a fairly distributed value chain.


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